Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wedding Bells

So this is my first blog EVER! (let's see how long it last).
... So if you didn't already guess from the title (Wedding Bells)...I'm getting MARRIED!!! This is such an exciting part of my life. I'm about to marry this great guy. I really cant wait to spend my life with him. We decided to get married about a month ago, if you don't know me and are reading this I'm 20 years old and only been with my fiance for about 7 months. I have gotten a lot of comments when I told people I was getting married. They either say i'm too young or that I'm crazy because I haven't been with my fiance for longer than a month. It annoys me when people I thought were my good friends can't even be happy for me. This really showed me who really cares about me and who I can count on. But besides these unimportant people I have been getting a lot of support from everyone else which makes everything a little easier. It's already stessful enough to plan a wedding (that is in 5 months), focus on school, go to work, and have a million other clubs and organization to go to. Everyday I feel like a have a bunch of things to get done, my day is never over. Thankful we have been getting a lot of help with our wedding. A lot of people I know are chipping in for the cost or helping in anything they are able to do. My cousin does photography so he is our photographer. We have this lady at my church who does cakes so she is making our wedding cake! YUM. My God mother is taking care of the center pieces. My fiance parents already took care of the honeymoon! ( cant wait euro cruise!) We are getting alot done .( FYI we still need a Dj for our recception so if you know anyone let me know).

So yeah I'm VERY excited and HAPPY to be getting married. No one is going to bring me down with their negative thoughts and words. ( I know they just jealous ;) lol )

To everyone who has been supportive thus far. HUGE thank you! love yous .

P.S. my fiance said if you got a problem with us getting married to go talk to him.

peace & love
the Beautiful Bride :)


  1. have you ever considered that the people telling you the things you don't want to hear (the cons to getting married so young) actually do care about you and that they're just looking out for your well-being b/c they know how young marriages could turn out? they care about you enough to be real and let you know how they really feel instead of just telling you what you want to hear. after marriage typically come children..are you prepared to handle that possibility? and what about finishing your career? younger people are so fickle these days.. just something to think about, no disrespect intended. peace.

  2. i understand what you are saying but there is a point were they need to trust me and my judgment.