Thursday, March 19, 2009

This is me

So ... this is me... I just realize that I am the type of person who would rather be good/decent on a lot of things than just really great at one things. For example, I think I am pretty decent at some things like art, photography, and dance but I'm not great nor will I ever say I'm an expert at any of it. Since elementary ( yes, I can take it back that far) I have always wanted to try and learn different things. I tried playing an instrument, tried singing, softball, cheer leading, art, photography, dance, I've probably tried other things as well. But I never stuck to one single thing. I always wanted to see what else I could do. However, I am not like this for everything. This is really in regards to hobbies. I am involved with a lot of things and I put my 110% into those things. Especially if what I am doing involves another person or a group of people. I never quit on something that affects another person.

... So yeah... this is me!



  1. you are so but i dont really think thats everything true about you. but as i say i really dont know everybody 100%

  2. lol your right thats not true about everything that I do . lol I need to clarify that